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Our Mission

The Mission of St. Pius School, residing in a unique international border community, is to prepare and challenge students and families as disciples of Jesus through integral education rooted in Catholic Heritage and Gospel Values.




St. Pius X School makes developing character one of its student’s priorities.  Regular classes taught by the school’s Counselor help keep this in focus and enhance the Religion Program.


St. Pius X School is a Faith Community and those who are a part of the school feel and know this on a day-to-day basis.





St. Pius X School builds Faith in its students by the way it integrates knowledge and love of God with secular learning.  The result is growth in a personal relationship with Jesus.


St. Pius X School believes that students need training to grow in leadership, and thus it provides opportunities for this in all grades.


St. Pius X School chooses service projects on a regular basis to teach the students the service aspect of the mission of the Church.



St. Pius X School knows that Justice contributes greatly to a peaceful world, so makes teaching and practicing this virtue is an important part of the students’ lives.

Education with a Mission

St. Pius X School was founded in 1955 as a ministry of education of St.Pius X Parish.

St. Pius X School serves students in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth in the El Paso and Juarez area. The school is staffed by qualified and dedicated teachers and personnel staff.

Religion is one of our core subject areas along with Mathematics, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts.

St. Pius X School admits students regardless of race, color, ethnic or national origin.



St. Pius X Catholic School is dedicated to model our teacher Jesus Christ, as we educate our school community and families, to become His active disciples.  It is our ministry to fully integrate religion traditions in all aspects of life through worship, prayer, curriculum and service especially in solidarity with the poor.

Therefore, we emphasize Jesus’ message to celebrate the life and dignity of all, build community within the school, and broader communities, and to provide a focus of service to and for others, thus we prepare responsible Christian disciples in a globalized society within our border reality for a challenging world.

message from principal

At St. Pius X Catholic School, we provide our students with a strong nurturing environment where every child is respected and is trusted to take an active role in his or her development as a student and as a responsible, discerning Catholic.

We maintain a strong academic curriculum, along with a variety of co-curricular activities.

Our most important goal is to fulfill the academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. We believe our role is to guide the student for future success and achievement.

St. Pius X Catholic School is staffed by qualified teachers, with many having advanced degrees. Parents are considered our partners and an integral part of the education process. We strive to keep our parents informed about our students’ progress. We appreciate your committment and trust in educating your child. Thank you, God bless you!

Ana Silva,


Education with a Mission: Building the Kingdom of God

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