28 Feb


Upon turning on the TV, listening to the radio and reading the newspaper we are exposed to a thousand tragedies in the world in which we live in. The spontaneous and anguished question arises: Why?

Why does a young man who is the joy of his family die in an accident? Why do I who try to be good and to serve others have everything go wrong for me? Why did the tumor turn out to be malignant? Why do those we have favored do us wrong? Why was the child we so greatly wanted born deformed? Why did that hurricane destroy the houses of so many poor people? Why do our cities have beggars and street children?

Christ also poses the same problem of evil, by way of some catastrophes which occurred in his time. Pilate had some innocent Galileans killed and the Tower of Siloam had fallen on 18 citi- zens…

It is not Christian to blame God for all the bad things that happen in the world. That would mean we have a fierce and blood- thirsty God that takes pleasure in human suffering, or at least he does not care to prevent it. Neither is the problem remedied by saying that it is all man’s fault because our will is unhealthy and conditioned. That is why evil takes refuge in a mystery that we cannot reach to discover fully. And in the case of natural catas- trophes, our science is still incapable of preventing them.

How do we resolve these infinite whys that torment us all?

We start with a secure base: God is good, He is our Father, He is Infinite Love. But He wanted since the beginning of time to work with secondary causes: with nature and with man. We and creation, that also suffers our sins, often ruin his plans. But He is a patient potter and silent restorer who continues mending his work and routing it step by step towards a definitive triumph.

God doesn’t answer immediately. He entrusts time to do this work. He asks time to return the greenery to the trees after being bombarded, to change to scars the hurts of the soul, to dry our tears, to help us see life with joy and confidence and to decipher our questions and uncertainties little by little. All our whys will become clear in the final encounter with the Truth, the day of our Easter. Meanwhile faith and hope will help us find in the daily resurrections the love and mercy of our Father God, hidden in the dust of the road!

Cheer up, God can do everything! Blessings!
Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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