31 Jan


Someone asked: Do you love God or do you love the things of God? Because many times we think about and look for God when we need him, in difficulties… Jesus was not well received in his land; they admired the son of Joseph, approved of his doctrine, but asked instantly for miracles. When Jesus explained that those things were not essential in his program, they got furious and pushed him out of town.

The Lord wants us to accept his message that we trust in Him but not to have Him as a warehouse of miracles. God is the fountain and origin of miracles but at the same time he gives us wonderful gifts daily and encourages us to realize our own miracles: The miracle of life! Let us seek to surround him with lots of love, with responsibility and with respect.

THE MIRACLE OF LIFE. Living happily, despite the pain, the illnesses, the problems, is a gift from God. Our joy forges the infrastructure for the three theological virtues.

God admires the miracle of our monotony. That which has the beautiful name of fidelity, because it is the little sister of faith. God admires our effort to continue loving in spite of outside failures, our own failures, the weight of the world and our faults.

GOD IS PLEASED WITH THE MIRACLE OF OUR UNDER- STANDING, when we open ourselves up in communion to the light, to science, to infinite space, to the uncertainty of the future and to the magic of the words.

GOD BECOMES JOYFUL AT THE MIRACLE OF PEACE. When we resolve not to invest in buying guns but books to study or bread to share; when we erase from our hearts bitter memories and we once again feel like brothers.

WE ARE THE PROTAGONISTS OF NUMEROUS MIRACLES. The Lord knows that this power and much more comes from his hand, but he pretends not to notice. We are not aware of so many wonders and after a while we think our lives are worth nothing; the difficulties overwhelm us and sadden us and we feel defenseless and abandoned. God has made us capable of great things and has shown us that everything is possible to one who has faith (Mk. 9,23). Don’t doubt, believe in God and you will see the marvelous deeds that He does for you, with you and for the world.

“Feed your faith and your doubts will die of hunger…”!




Fr. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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