20 Dec


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During Christmas the sight of all believers turns to contemplate Mary the mother of Jesus. She that one day traveled to Ain Karim where her cousin Elizabeth awaited a son. Lat- er she would travel to Bethlehem to fulfill the decree by Caesar Augustus, much later to Nazareth, to Egypt, to Cana, Jerusalem ,and Ephesus.

Our Lady will visit our homes this Christmas. She is the Mother of the Church, and she could not be absent from this Christian community that is the family. There her image reminds us and makes her presence more alive.

She comes to tell us she was poor. Bread was scarce. She will tell us she knows about absence, anguish, illness, incomprehension of neighbors, and the solitude of the widow. She will tell us how she felt in her flight to Egypt, when Jesus was condemned to death, when she found herself forsaken…

But also she knows how to smile, wiping away her tears of joy, if we ask her about the night of the first Christmas and on the day of the resurrection. The Virgin Mary teaches us how to pray, to have faith in God at all times and to live simply. Her visit will be good for us… For some, she will be the mother that shares our troubles, for others she will come as health for the sick and comfort for the bereaved, and for many as a refuge for sinners. We all need her maternal love in order to forget a past that still haunts us, to reconcile with our personal history to that we can dream of a better future with honor and sincerity.

The Lord is so holy, and the manger in Bethlehem is free of guilt, that perhaps before approaching we must ask forgiveness of our sins. But Mary has her hands and her maternal ministry to spruce up our hearts and our conscience. To the contrary, we would not be able to look at this Child from Bethlehem, nor the goodness of God that is reflected in the eyes of our children when Christmas comes again.

Mary comes to visit our homes. Opening wide the doors to her is to live Christmas fully!!!

Merry Christmas! That the Baby Jesus bless us!


Rev. Wilson Cuevas


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