24 Jan

The Spirit of God


After Jesus preaching the good news about the Kingdom of God to the neighboring towns, in today’s gospel, Jesus returned to his home town of Nazareth. People were so impressed with his wisdom and knowledge. Filled with the Spirit of God, Jesus preached in the synagogues with authority, but was rejected by his own people because he was just a son of a carpenter!

“He is the son of a carpenter!” How often do we allow our human nature to shout things for us to do and ignore the soft promptings of the Holy Spirit? As human beings, often times we follow our human criteria, norms of belonging and non-belonging. Sometimes our way of choosing someone to be our friend is so superficial and limited because we tend to judge people base on their talents, looks, cultural, and family backgrounds. Our pragmatic-functional view of others limits us to see the worthiness of the person beyond what we see and experience.

After experiencing rejection from his own people, Jesus sadly comments that a prophet can get a hearing everywhere except among his own. Probably all of us have had some experience, directly or indirectly, of this! It might be helpful for us to see how often and where we ourselves have been guilty of this. How often do we reject someone in our own community because of their bad experiences in the past? It is important for us to realize that God can communicate with us through anyone at all times and we must never decide in advance who his spokespersons will be.

Finally, we are told that Jesus could not do in Nazareth any of the wonderful things he had done else- where “because of their lack of faith”. His hands were tied. Jesus can only help those who are ready to be helped, those who are open to him.


Fr.Gleen Carpe

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