3 Jan

The Most Important

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The sober account of St. Mathew about the Wise Men was completed over centuries through popular imagination. It started with three wise men from the Orient that visited Jesus in Bethlehem. The proper names: Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar were given to them. This was done to represent the white, copper and black races. Next they were called kings.

“I don’t know if they were kings, I don’t know if there were three. But the important thing is that they went to Bethlehem”, so sings a Spanish caroler. The Gospel is limited to the essential: “As soon as Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, some Magi from the Orient presented themselves in Jerusalem asking: “Where is the King of the Jews that has been born? We have seen his shining star and we have come to worship him”. Here the word “magi” does not mean those who do magic. In the ancient Orient it meant practitioner of a certain religion, economic position and “renowned knowledge”.

Guided by that light they arrived at the house of the Holy Family. There they saw the Child with Mary his Mother and fell to their knees, adored him and offered him: Incense, gold and myrrh. The gift that King Herod gave to the Three Kings is hardly ever mentioned when he gave them this advice: “Go and search diligently for the child.” Following this advice, they went and discovered the Child with Mary and Joseph. And they worshiped him as God! There is nothing more important in life than to know Jesus Christ well, as this is the only way we can love Him!

Hopefully the day will come for us to encounter Him face to face so we can adore Him. We would understand then that neither titles, honors nor robes are worth anything. We would feel cleansed of so many institutional lies and be reconciled with God’s truth. We would confirm that only He can satisfy our hopes.

Let us walk towards the Lord. He yearns for us not to hold back with the “big things”, the diversions and the “illusions” of our world and for us to dare to get close to Him. That the luxuries of the house of the “Herods of this world” will not impale our eyes. We can see better under God’s light and above all we can clearly distinguish the true stature of people and things, as it happened to the Magi. So let’s present to Him the gift of our hearts full and love and confidence in the Child-Shepherd and King!

Come and let us adore Him!
Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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