7 Feb


This Sunday we will end the first part of Ordinary Time and begin the time of Lent with Ash Wednesday. Prepare to start a time of healing and transformation.

The prophet Isaiah tells us that the angel also touches our lips and purifies our sins to go and announce the Word of God with a clean heart. St. Luke presents the apostle St. Peter to us with the image of a true believer who throws himself at the feet of Jesus and recognizes his importance. We are all called to be “fishers of men”, that is to say we should attract people with whom we interact daily to God. It is not enough to talk or to send text messages; it is essential that we transform our hearts and be amazed by the power of God and of his mercy. Whoever preaches should do it by example.

Just like the apostles, God invites us to throw out our nets during the day. Those who know this say that the best way to fish is with justice and generosity, like this:

  • Pay just salaries and honorably distribute the profits of their companies and businesses, even though this is not the usual form of doing business.
  • Adjust the fees of our professional services (doctors, lawyers, engineers, dentists, technicians in whatever field) to meet the needs of the poor clients, seeing in them brothers in Christ.
  • Dispose completely of the kilos, liters, and meters in our businesses: giving true and sincere information to our clients is the best way to become rich in the eyes of God.
  • Sharing the little that we have with someone who has less; helping someone who doesn’t know; consoling the sad and defending the small and the weak are the best testimonies of our faith and confidence in the justice of God.
  • Truly looking for the happiness of your husband or wife, your Children, your parents and all those around you is the best way to find happiness and interior peace.

“…But relying on your Word I will lower the nets”. The Gospel says that “they caught a great number of fish and their nets were tearing”. Starting this week, let’s prepare ourselves to live Ash Wednesday full of the desire of transforming our lives and let’s not lose the opportunity to start to live a different way.

All that you do, do it with love! I am with you!

Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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