16 Oct

PARISH ASSEMBLY What is it?…What is it for?…

We know the richness of our community that is expressed in infinite ways by the people and actions of all of us who make up this community of St. Pius X. This is reflected in its 63 ministries and special services, that with love, joy and perseverance strive daily to live and proclaim a New Evangelization, by encouraging and attending to the necessities of the community.

The Parish Assembly is the time where we come together with all the members of the ministries to be with our Father God in a special way, to listen to him, to look at what we have done and what we need to change and the new things we need to integrate into the pastoral life of the parish. The important topics of the Parish Assembly are: organize the services of the ministries, change of leadership (establish a period of service for leaders), plan the new parochial and ministerial calendar, schedule the liturgical and commemorative celebrations.

The Parish Assembly for the present time is the opportunity to identify new challenges and goals posed by the reality in which we live. Hence, together we can redefine the vision, mission and objectives of the growth of the parish. This process allows us to make projections of the values of a Christian life that invites us to accept, respect and promote, but in many cases to also change and transform. We know this is not an easy task but let us not be afraid; the Lord who has called us to serve in this community accompanies us and fortifies us in realizing this mission.

Why a Parish Assembly? To discover one more time God’s will for us, awakening the sense of community discernment. To actualize the evangelizing sense of the community; to think, renew, change, boost, optimize the pastoral resources of which we use. It’s a time to look at what we’ve done together (evaluate).

How is our community in the participation and leadership of the poor (social justice)? Promote youth and vocational ministry.

Promote the ongoing formation of pastoral agents. Increase the presence of the parish in the social media. Promote family formation in Christian values. Give more attention to the poor and the weak and suffering in our community. Look to see what we can do together so that our parish will be a community that expresses the mercy of God, which shelters, serves and celebrates a life of faith, love and hope of a better society.

Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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