31 Jul


Someone wrote: “If I stay my five loves of bread and my two fish, the world will still be hungry. But if I give them to God, He will make a miracle.”

It is evident that Christ doesn’t want to redeem without us: he calls a Young woman from Nazareth and in her womb he becomes man. He invites shepherds and the Magi to Bethlehem. He asks for wáter at Cana to convert to wine. He calls the Twelve and converts them into fishers of men. In Bethany he looks for rest and accompanies Lazarus and his sisters. And in order to satisfy the multitude he accepts a scant contribution of five loaves of bread and two fish.

Christ needs of us too. Our values and resources can be prime material for his miracle. But do we put everything at his disposal? Sometimes we are scared to lose everything. We are greedy with our  time, our knowledge, our friendships, our resources, even our relationship with God.  We do not share.

Other times we shield ourselves saying: Why is this a big deal? And works become nonexistent, projects die in empty space, and many initiatives go by the wayside. We didn’t want to take a risk because we believed that after contributing all these things, we would be realizing the miracle. That which always is God’s work.

Another lesson we discover in this miracle is: the faith in the value of others, therefor be modest. Andrew calls the boy and together approach Jesus. Let us be like Andrew. Let’s call the other, put who we are and what we have at his disposal; He will be in charge of multiplying and the world will not be hungry!  You can make it possible that this miracle continue to be repeated today– where there is generosity of sharing what Little or plenty each one of  us has. Come on!


Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor 


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