22 Dec

How to tune in Radio St Pius X? Cómo sintonizar Radio San Pío X




St Pius X Radio Station

St Pius X Radio Station free App is available on Google Play and Apple Store

Escuchanos / Listen to us: 

(563) 999 325
App St Pius X Radio Station


Tuning in St Pius X Radio Station is as easy as 1,2,3!!


  • Visit our page and look for this image at the top of it, then Click on it.


  • If you are surfing the web in a desktop or laptop computer the stream will start automatically
  • But if your are listening with your smartphone, you will see this image.


  • You have to Click on it to download an App from Apple Store or Google PLay
  • Once is displayed, you have to hit the Install button when you see the following screen.

Google Play Screen

  • Now it’s time to enjoy our broadcast.

Note: If you need further assistance ask for help with the hospitality Ministry at the Church Loby. They will be glad to help!!


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