6 Jan

How to Download and Donate with One Parish App

One Parish free App is available on Google Play y en la Apple Store.

Downloading and donating with One Parish APP is easier than saying 1,2,3!!

1.- Use the Google Play search engine. Look for keywords One Parish.

a   b

2.- Click on the orange App logo. Then the Install option.

c   c1

3.- Accept the terms of use. Look for the App logo application on your screen.

d   e

4.- Choose the Open option, you will see the following screen.

f   g

5.-  Enter your email account and create a password. In the main menu press Parish Info.

h   i

6.- Look for the St. Pius X information, set it up as your Parish. Return to the initial menu and select Donate.

j   i

7.- To donate enter your card information at Set Up Account. Scan your card by clicking the camera icon.

m   k

8.- At the New Gift option you can set up your donation amount and period of time. You will be notified by email when the donation has been done correctly.

l   n

Thanks for your Stewardship!!

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