3 Jul


The apostles were disconcerted, the Lord had just disappeared behind the clouds, the day of the Ascension. Christ did not leave a concrete program, nor defined it’s functions, nor elaborated a plan to undertake the announcement to all the world.

So then, everyone turned to Peter, leader of the apostolic group, who at that moment, didn’t know either how to begin the Master’s mission. Frequently, God’s style is to leave things in the good will of people. No wonder we have ruined his plans many times.

For three years, they had enjoyed his company and had received his teachings and seen his miracles. On the other hand, we believe in a Jesus we have never physically seen. That’s why we frequently ask ourselves how we can continue to love Him, what can we do to complete his plans. However, the Lord continues to manifest himself to us through the Word. A message that encompasses countless themes: One day the Master talks about unity because he wants us to live with Him and our neighbors like he lives with his Father. This way of life is called Church.

The Lord wants us to build his family daily. There we will discover the unity that enables us to grow like the branches of the vine. There we will enjoy the shared blessedness that is the glory of God. The Church is above all a community. It is a group where we know one another, love one another and help one another. We know God shows no partiality or distinction among people (Acts 10, 25-48)

This Community– Church presents four characteristics: IT’S A COMMUNITY OF FAITH: It lives enlightened by God, it’s work is not based on techinique or reason but on what the Lord reveals at every step. COMMUNITY OF WORSHIP: Our love of God and our brothers is expressed with material elements, visible signs. Jesus left us with visible signs that are called Sacraments. COMMUNITY OF CHARITY: We the baptized should distinguish ourselves through love, fight for the good of all, that there be work, peace and justice for all. That is brotherly love. IT’S AN APOSTOLIC COMMUNITY: We try to live the Gospel, we announce the Good News of Christ. We become apostles to build the Kingdom of God among us! 

Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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