28 Dec


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Transforming people one by one is one of God’s most important purposes. It is also essential to develop dynamic marriages, loving families, vibrant parish communities, blooming economies and extraordinary nations. If we work towards making man right, the world will be alright. There will be no good or bad times, good or bad places; we are the ones that make times good, the places and relationships with people and nature.

It is God who makes the transformation, but only as far as we cooperate. The grace of God is constant, it does not fail. The manner in which we cooperate with God’s wishes of wanting to transform us is essential. Are you willing to let God transform you?

Helping people with this transformation from what they are to what they are capable of being is a great work. As a church, how can we help in the changing of our brothers and sisters? In my experience as a Catholic I have observed that some Catholics are more committed than others: they participate more frequently in ministries and activities of the parish, they offer their talents, time and treasures. And they make a profound difference because they are a force that sparks the life of the parish community.

There are three frequent difficulties the servants in the church: perseverance, sense of community and humility. As we come to the end of this year and this Advent road, let us make an examination of conscience to see if we are SERVING GOD AND THE COMMUNITY with joy, kindness and docility of spirit. Am I better today than I was six months ago? Do I feel as if I am growing in my service to God? God hopes you are!


Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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