Our Mission

The Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation are classes guided by a facilitator to guide those who have decided to live a powerful experience of healing their wounds caused by rage, hatred, violence and daily conflicts of life by learning the process of forgiveness and reconciliation to reconstruct peace in the family and their social life.

School of forgiveness and reconciliation

The are community meetings of renewal where the participants under the guidance of a facilitator learn how to constructively transform their hatred, anger, resentment and desire for revenge.

With innovative methodologies and supportive networks, the victims of aggression, redefine and reconstruct their life plan, their sense of life and sociability, in a cognitive, behavioral, emotional and spiritual level.

To restore is to achieve that the enemies come together to find more elevated forms of coexistence.

Hatred paralyzes us

Armed violence along with social violence (especially in the family) continuously generate anger, resentment and the desire for revenge…that paralyze our progress…steal our happiness and makes us multipliers of violence.

We firmly believe

  • That the city is constructed from the inside out.
  • That none of the contradictions merit human bloodshed or violence whatsoever.
  • That grudges and revenge paralyze the development of each person and of communities.


We Commit

  • To promote the political culture of Forgiveness and Reconciliation as a sure way of peace.
  • To engulf the irrationality of forgiveness against the irrationality of violence.
  •  To peacefully promote the just demands of the poor and demand the right to live in dignity.



An infallible secret

It’s forgiveness and reconciliation, they are ways that help restore:

  • Our meaning of life
  • Our safety
  • And our ability to socialize with others

To restore is to achieve that the enemies come together to find more elevated forms of coexistence.

Coexistence and Peace

  • Forgiving is not forgetting…
     …its remember with new eyes¡
  • To do justice is not to punish…
    …its recovering from those who have offended us.
  • The truth about the offense is not the version I have.

Without forgiveness there is no future! – We build the truth together!

Upcoming Workshops in El Paso

English – Starting September 2, , 2015

Español – Empezando Septiembre 1, 2015

Limited space/ pre-register

Martha Diaz / Héctor Rodríguez
(915) 540-8687 / 240-1502