Education Ministry

Education Ministry


We are a group of professionals and college students in different fields that truly believe the education that they have obtained provides them with tools and knowledge to enable them to contribute to society as a whole, and particularly groups in need in our community.


To contribute to the growth and development of our community by promoting the importance of higher education. Education enables individuals to empower themselves in their professional endeavors. It provides opportunities to cease generational financial hardships. Education plants a seed in a community that grows the connectivity of its residence and engenders a more just and empathetic society.

Tutors Profiles

         Name                                 Profession — Tutoring Fields

  • Veronica Burges         Education Consultant — Organizaton, Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing
  • Adriana Castillo         Chemical Engineer — Math & Science
  • Alyssa Cervantes       Public Administrator — Reading, Writing & History
  • Aurelio Conde            Retired Especial Ed. Teacher — Reading & Writing 
  • Gisela Dagnino          Civil Engineer — Math & Science
  • Sara Diana Ibañez     Sociologist — Reading & Writing & French Language Lessons
  • Aaron Medina            Mechanical Engineer — Math & Science
  • Letty Montoya            Social Worker – Tutor Math, Science, Reading & Writing
  • Jorge Portillo              Teacher — Math & Reading
  • Renata Renova           Civil Engineer — Math & Science
  • Andres Valenzuela    Education Student — Reading & Writing 

1. Provide tutoring in various subjects (math, science, social studies, history, reading, writing, etc.) for ALL students. (Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, GED)

2. Provide studying techniques and exam preparation by setting up classes based on the students’ needs.


1. Promote cultural or artistic events (such as art exhibitions in our community) and organize fieldtrips to various local museums.

2. Coordinate Career Day presentations by professionals. The goal of this activity is to motivate young children, young adults and adults to pursue higher education.

3. Additionally, we seek to encourage individuals who may have placed their education on hold, to return to their academic endeavors (it is never too late to obtain a college degree!).

4. Organize a book club to encourage reading and to foster discussion forums.

5. As a long term goal of the ministry, the creation of a scholarship fund for students wanting to attend UTEP.


Free Tutoring & Mentoring Program

Every Monday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in The Community Center at Saint Pius X Church
* 1050 N. Clark

For Students of All Ages & All Grade Levels.

For Information Contact Renata Renova: (915)487-6348 –