9 Nov




In Africa this story is told to children sitting around the fire. A hen and a pig went for a walk. Without realizing it, they neared the city. In the showcase of a restaurant they read: “Breakfast: ham and eggs.” Shall we go in, asked the hen enthusiastically? Wait a moment, responded the pig. I have to think about it very well. What is a contribution for you is a commitment for me.

There also exists for us Christians a great difference be- tween contributing and making a commitment. The wid- ow in the Gospel does not contribute from her surplus: she contributed her whole livelihood. What happens to us when we start to acquire things, property, titles, securities, charges? The process is the same. We had made a commitment to the Gospel. But then we limit ourselves in contributing now and then.

A young medical student did his annual year of service in a small town. He made sacrifices for his sick patients. He was a friend and adviser to all. Then he went to the exterior to get his specialization. Now his medical practice is very valuable. He walks fast. He has no friends. He only has patients. He still contributes. His secretary sends in his check. The young executive who used to rub elbows with the worker in the machine shop, now passes him by with an indifferent “Good morning.” And he talks about personnel, he forgets that personnel comes from person… It happens to everyone. We acquire things and with that, alarms, security bars, and gates to protect them. We say: it’s inevitable. What a shame, that’s life! We can no longer make a commitment. We limit our- selves to only make a contribution.

As friends, do we know how to sacrifice our time off to help others, to accompany them in their loneliness, to comfort them in their discouragement? Our precious time, do we sacrifice ourselves to teach, counsel, cure, or fight to make our society better? Do we live our Christianity as a commitment or barely as a passing contribution? Do I give my tithe every Sunday or do I give from my surplus? Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say: “If you give from what you do not need, that is not giving”. Let’s reflect!

If you realize the blessings of God, your gift will spring up freely! I’m with you!


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