6 Dec



Advent is the time in which God invites us to humanize our lives, to live in a more fraternal world, not to be afraid of God, to build cities and churches where we all fit in with rights and obligations because God is present and wants: repentance, change of life, conversion, listening to the message… Advent that prepares for Christmas is not just “remember” nor just “celebrate,” we have to “announce” that there is a change is our lives, create the conditions for our encounter with Christ.

Conversion signifies correcting the direction that we are taking. We cannot change if we believe that we have nothing to fix, nothing to make better or modify. Conversion is returning to friendship with God, it is not waiting for God to do everything. Conversion implies the capacity to ask for forgiveness because we have offended God and have done harm to our neighbor.

Conversion is fighting against whatever impedes God’s reign in our personal lives. It is lowering the mountains of pride and refilling the holes of pessimism. We should not content ourselves by planning what others need to change, but think seriously on what we should make better. Is it not true that in our personal lives there are many bad things that should be removed and many good ones to acquire? This is conversion…

That this Advent be fertile in changes. God blesses the efforts of those who try to change. Oh God that we sinners start to convert. We pray for the proud that do not recognize their mistakes; for the egotistical that do not think of the good of others. Lord that we all look for our own conversion.

Advent reminds us that it is necessary to return to God. We elevate the valleys when we raise our hands and hearts to long for a new world; we level the mountains and hills if we renounce our pride and egoism. We straighten the twisted roads when we return to prayer and the sacraments.

God invites us to get closer to the Church, to the confession- al, to receive his pardon and his grace and begin a new life. This is our confidence, that he who began in us this good work will keep perfecting us day by day until our encounter with Christ.

Peace and Blessings!
Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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