29 Nov




Advent is a time of reflection and preparation for Christmas, to grow in hope and to welcome with faith the continual coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. They form a unity with Christmas, Epiphany. The three words have a related significance: coming, birth and Manifestation.

The God who has wanted to be God-with-us, entered into our story in Bethlehem more than two thousand years ago and this is actualized sacramentally every year at this time. This will take place for seven weeks: from the first Sunday of Advent until the feast of the Baptism of our Lord. We do this looking forward to his glorious return at the end of time.

The Blessed Virgen Mary guides us on this road, as the woman of Advent shows us how to be docile as we listen to the word of God and to live it with complete fidelity. It is necessary that we reflect on the great love God has for humanity and the response that we give to so great a gift. Everything we meditate on these weeks will bring us to the mystery of Christmas.

Advent takes us to live this waiting period like a gift from Him, who will come and respond to our concerns, sufferings and difficult moments. All this should fill us with encouragement to raise our heads, since our liberation is nearing. Advent invites us to place our vision on the promises of God who never fails us. The invitation is to begin this liturgical year with profound conversion and fortitude in God, moving us to be better human beings each day.

Encouragement! Blessings !

Rev. Wilson Cuevas, Pastor

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